Our story

The world is developing at an incredibly fast pace and people are getting busier by the day. This is adversely affecting the general health and immunity of people across age groups. It is time we prioritise our health issues and live stronger, healthier and longer lives.

This can be best done by taking proactive measures to prevent diseases and health problems. With this goal in mind, Healthberries Clinic was established in 2011 as a unit of Chandrasudha Medical Services Pvt. Ltd. This unique approach towards healthcare is what sets Healthberries apart as a ‘clinitel’.

We provide health check-ups in Pune along with health monitoring services. As a clinitel, we provide healthcare services that encompass both physical fitness and emotional well-being. At Healthberries, we conduct all kinds of diagnostic and pathological tests needed not only to diagnose health problems but also for the purpose of health monitoring.
With a firm principle of preventive healthcare and the aim to make healthcare a well rounded facility, our specialist doctors and para medical staff strive constantly to bring smiles and good health to all and sundry.