Corporate Plans

Healthberries offers special corporate plans for corporate healthcare services and conducts on-site health check-ups for employee engagement programs.

Our corporate plans are aimed at the complete well-being of working professionals and include health investigations, medical consultations and lifestyle enhancing workshops for corporate employees at special discounted rates.

  • Annual Health Check-up Plan
  • Pre-employment Check-up Plan
  • Customised health plans as per requirement and on the basis of the company’s budget and age and gender of employees
  • LIVELONG Plan: 365-day Health Monitoring Service

Benefits of Preventive Health Check-ups

Long duration of working hours, irregular eating habits and work stress leads to many lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, etc. Early detection of such health problems can limit their seriousness and associated expenses. Preventive health check-ups are carefully designed to meet the demands of today’s stressful environment and helps your workforce stay fit and prepared for any unprecedented health issues. Undergoing preventive medical check-up is also a tax saving investment. Employee health and well-being plays a crucial role in company’s growth and performance. Healthberries helps you keep them aware, energised and protected for life.