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Why preventive check-ups

Wouldn't you feel great if your employees never fell ill? Preventive health check-ups can ensure that your employees always remain in the pink of health. That’s because it helps detect potential health problems and avert diseases by taking preventive care. Preventive tests also help in finding and treating diseases as soon as possible. And with the added advantage of tax exemptions, it’s the best way to gift good health to your employees.

Corporate Plan

Healthberries offers customised healthcare packages for corporates at special rates.

  • Annual Health Check-up Plan
  • Pre-employment Check-up Plan
  • Customised health plans as per requirement and on the basis of the company’s budget and age and gender of employees
  • LIVELONG Plan: 365-day Health Monitoring Service

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Livelong Plan Details

LIVELONG 365-Day Unlimited Health Monitoring Service comprises health screening, health monitoring and medical consultations.
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Health Programmes

Healthberries offers special health and fitness programmes for corporates.

  • Health on Wheels: Mobile Clinic for On-site Health Assessment Programmes
  • Health Awareness Lectures and Workshops
  • ‘Mujhse Hain Family’: Health Programme for Breadwinners
  • Customised Health Programmes

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